Friday, April 3, 2009

New Jerseys!

New Jerseys have arrived and we look even more stylish on our group rides now. Apparently they also got great reviews at the races in philly from fellow riders. I'll try and get a picture of someone sporting the new jersey up soon.

If you're intersted in purchacing one, they will be for sale in the Bowdoin Bookstore. They are very high quality, made by Louis Garneau, very functional and most importantly good looking. If you're interested contact the bookstore as they may not be on their online store yet...

Many thanks to Morgan and the Bookstore for making this happpen!

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Timmay! said...

These are also now available at the bookstore -- just got a couple in the mail, they look pretty sharp -- FYI, seems to be euro (i.e., slim/race) fit. Nice job on the design.

JPB '93