Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RAD Mountain Bike Ride

Erika, Cory, Nat, Morgan, Isac, Luke and I went on a totally rad mountain bike ride. We found some deep mud over on the North Side of Pleasant hill. then we crossed over pleasant hill and rode the Crystal Springs Farm trails over to the Brunswick highschool. We showed off at the highschool for a while but didn't pick up any girls. Then we cut over to merepoint road on some trails that i didn't really know where they went. We walked/ attempted to ride a 1/8th track over to the commons and came back to campus by way of the gully trail. Nat and morgan had a brief shower (aka waterfight) at the outing club while the rest of us cleaned the mud off of our bikes with the hose.
Morgans tire was going flat and he took a bite out of my finger trying to pump it up and Corry had a great endo into the sand but other than that a great ride.

RAD- Nick

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