Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RAD Mountain Bike Ride

Erika, Cory, Nat, Morgan, Isac, Luke and I went on a totally rad mountain bike ride. We found some deep mud over on the North Side of Pleasant hill. then we crossed over pleasant hill and rode the Crystal Springs Farm trails over to the Brunswick highschool. We showed off at the highschool for a while but didn't pick up any girls. Then we cut over to merepoint road on some trails that i didn't really know where they went. We walked/ attempted to ride a 1/8th track over to the commons and came back to campus by way of the gully trail. Nat and morgan had a brief shower (aka waterfight) at the outing club while the rest of us cleaned the mud off of our bikes with the hose.
Morgans tire was going flat and he took a bite out of my finger trying to pump it up and Corry had a great endo into the sand but other than that a great ride.

RAD- Nick

Monday, May 5, 2008

L.L. Bean Time Tial- Nick's account

It was hard for me to get out of bed at 5:30 on Sunday morning because it was poring rain and 40 degree weather outside. I had raced the day before in the Polar Bear Triathlon the day before so as kind of a fair weather rider I had already had my fill of riding in the rain for one weekend. We ended up driving down to Freeport because the ride down and back would have been miserable in the nasty weather. After registration when I went to pedal my bike around I wasn't sure if I was warming up or just getting cold. Anyhow race time rolled around and it started off with a 6-8 mile slog North on Route 1 from Brunswick to Freeport. Most of this time I was wondering what I was doing out of bed at that point and when Luke who started 30 seconds behind me would roll past me and spray some more water in my face. After turning onto Woodside Rd. and seeing Maresa volunteering at the Pleasant Hill intersection I was feeling a little more excited about the race and started putting the hammer down. It was a little tricky without aero bars but i tried to stay low for most of the race. I think there are some sweet pictures of us bombing down the road that the photographer got but I haven't found them yet. Anyhow I made it through the hilly section on Flying Point Road near Wolfsneck with quite a bit of pain and thought I had a fast flat cruise back to Freeport on Foreside Road. When I rounded the corner that Bruce Macleod was volunteering at my legs were very disappointed to see another unexpected hill. Its not actually much of a hill but at this point in the race I had to drop it down into the low gears and tough it out once again. Finally i got to the finishing straight and was excited to see that I held Luke off but that he was close to me in the results. I certainly didn't have the fastest time of the day (Morgan was up there) but I did a pretty good job of winning brunch once we made it back to campus around 11:00. Looking back on the event it was a good time and many thanks to L.L. Bean for the free race and to Bruce and Maresa for volunteering in the rain.
The view from the bike- well not actually but you get the idea at least.

Full results at
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Polar Bear Triathlon

Congratulations to all the cycling club members who did the Polar Bear Triathlon. We had some rainy weather making the bike a little tougher but still some great results. Barry Logan and Forrest Horton were the first two Bowdoin Men while Katherine Creswell and Maresa Nielson were the first two Bowdoin Women.

Check out full results at:
Bennett rounding the final turn

Maresa looking good on the bike

Sunday, May 4, 2008

4-28 Morgan Returned

note the cool, California hair cut. RAD