Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Championship Con Carne (that means with meat)

Nat and I went to a RAD bike race in New Hampshire which was also the last race of the eastern collegiate road biking season. The course was epic with a 1000 ft climb and then a 50+mph descent followed by a ridiculous 5 mile 1600 ft climb over the shoulder of Mt. Moosilauke. The last 20 miles were fast and flat. I was in the C race and lost contact with the lead group on the climbs but found some other stragglers to ride it in across the flats. Nat was in the B race and finished right behind the break kicking some ass in the field sprint. He also earned the only collegiate points for Bowdoin this year and we think for the last few years at least.

Nat's ass headed for the line in the field sprint.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday Morning Ride and Scarborough Critting

Nat and I traveled down to the Saturday Morning ride out of Portland for the first time this year. Its a fast flat loop that the group averages around 25mph on. In nice weather there are up to 50 people on the ride. Nat and I had a good day and made it back safely but unfortunately there was a crash at mile 3 in a section of bad pavement and a few guys we know went down and got pretty seriously hurt.

On Sunday Nat, Oliver and honorary cycling team member Brendan went to the Scarborough crit. Oliver and I faired pretty well in the B ride, staying with the pack, trying for a few breaks and ended up not getting beaten by any girls or the fat guy. Nat had a good one in the A race winning a sprint for a dozen eggs and also working to help out Brendan. Brendan had a great ride in a breakaway for 3/4 of the race before regrouping with the pack with a few laps to go. Even though he had been in the break and was working a lot more than everyone else he still took the stage win with the help from some teammates.
Nat working at the front
Brendan with the stage win
Oliver cooling down

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bean Pot/ Turtle Pond Update

Good work to Sarah and Maresa for going down to the Boston Beanpot road race on Saturday. They had two best ever Bowdoin women's cycling results (this is the first race that Bowdoin women have ever done but that just makes it more badass). Maresa took 31st and Sarah took 40th in the womens B field. Most importantly they said they had a great time and that other teams were happy and impressed to see Bowdoin women on the circuit for the first time.

Nat, Bennett and Brendan (not officially part of the club because he doesn't go to school here but might as well be a member) went to the Turtle Pond Circuit Race in NH on Sunday. Brendan rode into 24th in the pro/1/2/3 mens race and I'm sure helped out some of his Mechanical Services/ Cycle Mania teammates. Bennett took 4th in the the CAT 5 race on what i hear was a big break. He'll be a CAT 4 in no time if he keeps up riding like this. Perhaps the most exciting news of the day was Nat taking 4th in the 64 deep CAT 4 field, passing everyone in the field on the last hill except the 3 guys that broke away. From now on Nat will be racing in the CAT 3 because this finish was enough to give him an upgrade.
Good work all!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Best Riding Weather Yet

64 degrees and sunny when we left to go riding today. Definitely the best weather yet this season. We had a big crowd and started off with 9 riders. We toured down to Wolfs Neck but decided it was still to muddy for the dirt roads. I took some pictures on the ride and will try and figure out how to post them soon.

A few people are racing at the Beanpot on Saturday this weekend and a few are going to the Turtle Pond race on Sunday.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Welcome to the newly created Bowdoin Cylcing blog.

In the future look here for, pictures, news, results, events, a calendar, and ideas for local rides.

cycling is rad