Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday Morning Ride and Scarborough Critting

Nat and I traveled down to the Saturday Morning ride out of Portland for the first time this year. Its a fast flat loop that the group averages around 25mph on. In nice weather there are up to 50 people on the ride. Nat and I had a good day and made it back safely but unfortunately there was a crash at mile 3 in a section of bad pavement and a few guys we know went down and got pretty seriously hurt.

On Sunday Nat, Oliver and honorary cycling team member Brendan went to the Scarborough crit. Oliver and I faired pretty well in the B ride, staying with the pack, trying for a few breaks and ended up not getting beaten by any girls or the fat guy. Nat had a good one in the A race winning a sprint for a dozen eggs and also working to help out Brendan. Brendan had a great ride in a breakaway for 3/4 of the race before regrouping with the pack with a few laps to go. Even though he had been in the break and was working a lot more than everyone else he still took the stage win with the help from some teammates.
Nat working at the front
Brendan with the stage win
Oliver cooling down

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